Saturday, April 26, 2014

Calling HQ Again: Any Means Necessary

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A Post Game Report

Points of Possible Interest:
  • Bat-Ears' drinking problem is really getting out of hand. His beatin' wrench was, however, mighty and occasionally beat the ship into functionality.
  • Cpt. Cody seems to have slowly morphed into a brazenly wild redneck in space. (He probably only got the rank of Cpt. because everybody else on his previous ship died. I really played him like an less than competent, very impatient, bravado-driven loudmouth. Not by the book, but really, really fun.)
  • M34BEL (that walking box with the tentacles, you know the one) seems to have shrank a bit and gained more ennui than when he/she/it last appeared.
  • Yawitz, the long-suffering and smarmy Venusian scientist, suffered too many fools. He also proved to be much stronger than he looked. He was quite good at both techno-babble and running away.
  • Audrey Orion, the Intelligence officer, did not make it, despite cautiously distrusting everyone and being shifty-eyed at every turn.
  • The Phasic Hedgemaze got rephased until it was a straight shot to the door.
  • The Giant Space Monstrosity and/or Weird Tentacled Lovecraftian Horror was killed with a Temporary-Black-Hole-Inducer/Annihilation-Cannon/Or-Something. So was a large portion of the ship. Cpt. Cody wanted to be extra sure it was dead.
  • Doc Headson, that smelly hippy, didn't make it.
  • We filled out the appropriate forms to ensure nobody got court-martialed.
Even though we ran a Mission Brief that I wrote, due to the nature of the system, I still got to be surprised by what happened. I think that may be Cosmic Patrol's greatest strength. You cannot expect what's coming.

This made possible by this license. More Cosmic goodies available here. Cosmic Patrol and some other things (Character Names , etc.) in this post are totally © Catalyst Game Labs. At the very least, you should really just go ahead and spend $5 on the Corebook PDF. It is beyond worthwhile.