Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rumors of Booze Giants

  1. They are foul and sweaty, like troll farts. (True)
  2. They use small hollowed-out mountains as brewery vats [ +Joachim Heise ] . (True-ish. The brutes periodically flood certain caverns with wort. The flora of the caves give their brews unique properties.) 
  3. A Giant's belch is like the roar of a lion. (True)
  4. The drunker the Giant becomes the bigger they get. It's said that if a Booze Giant were to ever sober up, they would be the size of a halfling. [ +Delos Adamski ] (Unknown. No one has ever seen a Booze Giant even approach sobriety.)
  5. They tend to alternate between extreme violence and loud, incoherent melancholy. (True.)
  6. Booze Giant shamans are master brewers, each one specializing in a different alcoholic intoxicant. [ +Michael Fuller ] (False. Despite many legends to the contrary, the potency and flavor of their brews are accident of cavern flora and stolen grains.)
  7. They bully smaller creatures into stealing rye from human fields so that they may brew their strange intoxicants. (True. However, they're willing to use any grains or fruits to cop a buzz.)
  8. Individually, Booze Giants are not terrible opponents in battle. They pack one hell of a wallop, but are slow and clumsy. (True. Though, they are absolute hell on fortified positions.) [ +J B Bell ]
  9. Booze Giants rarely parley and never barter. (False. If they are sad and find a sympathetic ear, they're far too willing to talk. Fun fact, they're close talkers. [ +Aaron Carlson ] Booze Giants are willing to trade away almost anything for stout Dwarven spirits.]
  10. Their eyes are rheumy and unfocused. (True. Not only are they naturally myopic, they're constantly cross-eyed drunk.)

Booze Giant Quick Stats
Size - 12' - 16' tall.
Hit Dice - 1d4+3 . 
THAC0 - 19. [Strikes as a Creature of 2 HD] 
AC - 7 [12]. 
# Attacks - 1 or 2 (Club or Fist/Fist or Fist/Stomp)
Range - Melee or 30-60-90 yards for club (see below).
Damage - 1d10+3 - Big-ass Club (always a wild swing or angry hurl). 
             or 1d6+3 - Fists (only throw haymakers).
             or 2d10 - Stomp (only prone/supine opponents, +2 to hit). 
             Successful Melee attacks knock Normal size opponents down on 1in6, Small on 2in6. 
Typically encountered in packs of 3d4. 

When encountering Booze Giants roll 1d6 : 
1-2 → Sad. 
3-4 → Sleeping. 
5-6 → Angry. 

My thanks to everyone who contributed, I've attempted to place your names close by your contributions.