Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Save Vs Purple

Purple stalks: languid, viscous, vicious, steady. It wends its way slowly, through the shadows of your mind. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then vision is a shortcut to damnation. The oscillating, supra-sensuous hues plant the slow seed. The thoughts, if they can be called that, spread from dreaming to waking to destruction. From beyond the stars, from beyond the veil, perhaps beyond even time itself, forgotten secrets sing siren songs in technicolor. (Save at -1)

The first night after comes with chills and wretched dreams. Strange, impossible visions of ethereal vistas spin and whirl in oblique lock-step. Opium whispers decry the true scale of the universe and hint at that beyond its borders.

Get you to a priest and pray to the gods you now know to be hollow. Should they smile upon you, perhaps the Purple can be washed away. (Second Save at -2 [-1 with the aid of a supernatural entity])

By the second day's end, your spittle will be mauve. The quiet of your mind is gone. You have died already though you still walk. Your blood has become indigo and none may turn it red. Your dreams have died. Your hopes dissolved. Your mind, a listless shell of what you used to be.

Come the final morning, your eyes will glaze over with lavender film. All you see will be the single hue and by the setting of the sun, the last of who you were will be dissolved to naught.

You belong to It, now.

Some say your mind may still be in some void, screaming in forever fading echos.

Still yet, none taken by the Purple have come back to this sad world.

[Should the second save be made, the character will have limited and haphazard form of precognizance. This is an insta-plothook generator for the DM/GM. Additionally, he/she will have a 1 in 6 chance of using this precognizance to gain a +4 on any single roll. 1 successful use per day.]

This is in response to this. And of course you have my full permission to use this as you see fit, Mr. +Venger Satanis, on two conditions:
1. Attribution.
2. Should we ever meet in the real world, I request one awesome high-five.