Friday, December 13, 2013

Mad Dreams Etched in Plastic

"Contact Report - 
Redacted Agency, USA, 04-03-1932"

"Artifact 211-1932-EST"

"...[redacted] found the artifact itself in the possession of a rural Mental Health Facility in Redacted, Georgia..."

"...[redacted] young man seemed to be in otherwise good health. No history of anemia nor mental illness to explain the incident..."

"...[redacted] simple square of marbled green Bakelite plastic. Strange design lightly scratched into the front of the tile..."
Chalked on Black Paper for Clarity

"...[redacted] seems to glow in certain light. Preliminary analysis shows it to be manufactured by the normal phenol and formaldehyde process..."

"...[redacted] 'It were a Goddamned bloody mess, you fools. I put 'em down this time, but my advice is to throw that thing in the deepest fucking hole you can find.' 
Mr. Redacted can perhaps be forgiven his untoward language, considering the events he witnessed..." 

"Official Action Taken - Disposal in Facility Redacted."