Friday, December 20, 2013

d10 Ways to Fidget

Need to make a Perp, Suspect, Victim, or any other NPC memorable?

Drop a d10.

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Still reading this? If you liked that spot o' chaos above, why not check out an RPG product I've got for sale, maybe?

It's a bestiary entry, like this one. It also comes with an campaign-starting adventure featuring the monster in question, the Wretched Grasp. The adventure has it all: slime, tentacles, drowning, creepy pidgeon things, dangerous rope, oversized cook-pots, and ends with a platform for even more zany derring-do. It's also got some advice on handling problems that may occur (such as what to do if everybody dies).

All this is System Neutral so I'm basically selling some interesting ideas and amateur illustrations. In an effort to compete with all the preposterously good stuff that my fellow RPG nerds are just giving away, I've decided to put "The Wretched Grasp" on sale for fifty cents! 

Got two quarters to rub together? Well, take 'em down to the bank, convert 'em to digital money, and buy yourself some RPG weirdness.

There's a preview available over on Drivethrurpg, so check it out if you'd like. Or, take a look through the previous articles I've written and see if you think my stuff might be worth some spare change. 


The Wretched Grasp for Only $1.50 $0.50 ← Click For a Good Time...