Saturday, October 19, 2013

Too Many Creeps b/w You Can't Be Funky

Inspiration can/should spring forth from the strangest places.

I've got a strange place I'd like you to visit: click here.

The strangely sinister funk you've just experienced, did it release any creative juices?

I'll tell you (well type at you) what it sparked for me:

"The streets was always mean. Now they're vicious. It's something new, something hard to see. Some people just ain't quite human no more; ya feel me?

"It's like a disease, man; takes out your soul.  Make's ya not able to create nothing new. Just sort of mimic life, ya know. They go through the motions 'til they get a chance to strike. Act like folk but without any thinking, any feeling, but when they get that chance... BAM! You one of them now.

"You gotta test 'em man. Ask 'em how they feel. Make a mother fucker write a poem. Make 'em sing. Make 'em dance. Them that's gone, can't; They just can't. I guess you can't be funky, if you ain't got no soul.

"Ya gotta know, man. Gotta know."

So, what kind of weird stuff inspires you?