Monday, May 27, 2013

The Other Encounters For Cronnon

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I think that this region is just ripe for a whole slew of forgotten gods desperate to be remembered. Some of them could still be benevolent, but most, I fear, will have succumbed to raging madness.
I envisioned the Goblins of this region to more resemble early hominids than the slimy, mini-orcs of typical FRPGs. They have tawny fur, two extra sets of kanines, and move with an animalistic lope. Communicating with whistles, chirps, and clicks (some of which humans cannot reproduce) also makes them seem even more like animals; however, they are just as intelligent as men. Further complicating the issue, goblin voice boxes are equally incapable of human speech. (I figured it could work Chewbacca style: men can learn goblin even if they can speak it and vice versa.)
To my mind goblins are the only alternative, playable race in the setting, but please do whatever you want with all this. Elves could easily live in ancient forests a few weeks travel to the East, and Dwarves could fit just fine in mountainous fortresses far to the South. If you're doing a D&Dish system, just modify halflings 'til they seem goblinish enough.
The New Goblin Settlement is in fact weary rather than wary of outsiders. Every time they've had contact with anyone not of their kind, it has ended tragically. Their values prevent them from simply killing those they do not know; however, the longer they stay in this part of the world, the more xenophobic they become.

The tribal structure of the Clasbreeg Giants mimics that of lions with whom they once shared the broad plains. Beyond the obvious imagery associated with lions, the very idea of them should still permeate Clasbreeg culture.

That's it for Cronnon and the Southern Marches. I hope you get some use out of this. (I know I will.) If you like the setting, have any suggestions/questions, or see any use for all this random please do leave some comments.